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Totally looks like…

> June 2nd, 2011 ---

Totally looks like…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

> March 17th, 2009 ---

I hope everyone is having a great St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m sporting a green t-shirt in honor of my Irish heritage. St. Patrick, of course, is well known for driving the pagans snakes out of Ireland. Today is not a good day to be a snake, I suppose.

Don’t have much else to say; I’m upgrading my system to Debian Squeeze in the meantime. I’ll see how that goes.

Merry Christmas ‘08

> December 26th, 2008 ---

It’s only been over a whole year (367/368 days - something like that), and even this is late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christma-hanna-kwaanza-dan this year.

Merry Christmas

> December 24th, 2007 ---

Just a Merry Christmas greeting from the Possum.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you (I’m too lazy to list off all the other holidays) Happy Holidays!

PirateFest, Disney, Overlays (Oh My!)

> November 25th, 2007 ---

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving week! In today’s post, I’ll briefly talk about PirateFest, a trip to Disney World, and some Gentoo Overlays I’ve been working on recently… And perhaps a little bit more.

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Anime Festival of Orlando

> August 22nd, 2007 ---

Okay, fine… this is a really late post I know. It’s been several weeks since AFO but I’ll talk about it here briefly.

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New LG Fusic LX550

> July 30th, 2007 ---

My dad recently added a line to his shared plan from Sprint. They sent him this brand new “$500″ phone for free. It looks like an imitation iPod at first glance.

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