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Pardon the unexplained bandwidth this morning. It may have been some bad hardware configuration on my part, but I think we should attribute it to this:

As I’m sure you are all aware, Microsoft is releasing a new browser and a new Operating System this year. The OS is a piece of crap, I can guarantee (I must admit, the eye candy is pretty damn good…but still not as good as mine), but the browser is what the geeks have been concentrating on lately. Internet Explorer 7.

So what’s so special about IE7? In my opinion — absolutely nothing. But Yahoo and Google have been having problems with it. It was on Slashdot yesterday and in the local newspaper today.

Why all the hype you ask? It’s pretty simple. IE7 is stealing several features, most notably tabbed browsing, from other browsers such as Opera, Firefox, or Safari. This, of course, is only one of many features stolen. The one that Yahoo and Google are concerned with is the Search Bar.

“But…but…Firefox has a search bar! Are you saying Firefox is evil too?!” Settle down, of course not. The problem is not the search bar itself, but the idea of it defaulting to MSN. As you may or may not know, Microsoft is currently involved in an antitrust case in Europe. It’s bad PR for them to have Yahoo and Google whining about it too.

From the St. Petersburg Times (May 2, 2006; page 6D), Google says, “We don’t think it’s right for Microsoft to just set the default to MSN. We believe users should choose.” It also mentions that Microsoft replied saying that the defaults in IE7 are easy to change. Microsoft says, “…The guiding principle we had is that the user is in control.” *cough*BULLCRAP*/cough*.

Google has never complained about Firefox using Google as the search browser. From the St. Pete Times article, “Google estimates that the [search] boxes, when available, are the starting point for 30 to 50 percent of a user’s searches, making them a crucial gateway to the lucrative and fast-growing market for advertisements that appear next to search results.” Wow, that’s definitely a big deal. So what’s the difference between Firefox and IE7? I’ve used the Google search bar in Firefox for ages! Wait, what’s that? It’s not a “Google” search bar? Oh, how about that!

lotsa searches

As you can see, there are multiple search engines you can use right from the start. Don’t see your favorite? Point-and-click to add your favorite! And look, you can even get, you guessed it, MSN. Where’s your argument now, Microsoft?

Nevertheless, IE7 may be installed on the greatest number of computers (of course it must, or else Windows users can’t update), but my alliance will always lie with Firefox.

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7 Responses to “Google vs. Microsoft”

  1. Kevin^L (2) Says:

    Dan you could right for some Linux/Firefox/anti-MS newspaper or newsgroup.

    Your hatred of Mircrosoft has truly blossomed into a full-fledged obsession. It’s fun to watch :D.

    I agree on most of the point you brought up; I myself love Firefox much more than any other browser. I HATE NETSCAPE and IE!

    That is all…

    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox on Windows Windows XP
  2. SR (3) Says:

    So possum, you say that microsoft is steal all this software from other search engine such as fire fox and opera, ect. well what is your proof. Im not saying your lying, I actually agree but you might want to post such things on your web…

    Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows XP
  3. Possum Says:

    @SR Umm….you didn’t actually READ the post obviously…if you HAD, then you would have noticed all the SOURCES I linked to.

    Thanks for the comment though :)

    Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows XP
  4. SR (3) Says:

    Possum, i did read it and all they talk about are problems with it, and buisness deals, but i’m talking about the proof that microsoft it stealing from the fire fox and the other search engines…

    Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows XP
  5. Possum Says:


    The word “stealing” must be taken in context to mean that Microsoft saw that other browsers were doing it and decided to implement it into theirs. It’s a well-known fact that the Mozilla-based browsers have had tabs for at least five years, perhaps more. The search bar has been around at least two years, from personal experience, and has been around even before I started using it. Therefore, I am a source, as well as Firefox’s website. The post primarily concerns dirty business, and not ethical problems between the OSS/Corporate barrier, so the links are all relevant, as well as the sources from the newspaper.

    Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows XP
  6. SR (3) Says:

    Possum your sources are stems of a tree, literally Microsoft isn’t stealing. Once you change something 30% it is now your own, people have been doing it for years. Does the name Alphonse Mucha ring a bell. He’s a famous poster artist and people have been taking his art and making it their own for years. So I wouldn’t look at Bill gates as Satan the ruler of Hell, merely look at him as one of those artists who took Alphonse Mucha’s work and made it their own. He’s not really doing anything wrong he’s just being a smart buisiness man.

    I know you didn’t mean that M$ was literally stealing, but maybe you should’nt put that in your post because people might take it literally

    Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows XP
  7. Possum Says:


    Okay, I can kinda see what you mean…but I must argue that the majority of people would not take it literally, esp. if they read my sources.

    Thanks :)

    Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows XP