Karmine Flood


Karmine has been in the channel so much lately that I haven’t been posting anything besides his logs for awhile.

And now I have another.

This time, jasonfm decided to get in on the fun. From the last log:

01:51 * jasonfm slaps karamines file on the table

01:51 [jasonfm] now..

01:51 [jasonfm] you say youve been in jail?

01:53 [karmine] who me?

01:54 [jasonfm] whoelses file do i have in hand :P

01:54 [karmine] howd you get that, i thought i cleared my record

01:54 [jasonfm] clearing doesnt matter

01:54 [jasonfm] i got the old one right here :D

01:55 [yubimusubi] karmine: you mean you don’t remember?

01:55 [jasonfm] i wanna hear your story :)

01:55 [karmine] uhhh, i didn’t do it

01:55 [karmine] no comment.

01:55 [jasonfm] pleaing the 5th so soon :))

01:55 [jasonfm] GUILTY!!!

Wel,l well. Does he confess? To see more of this log, click here. For newcomers (or to catch up on old stories), feel free to check out my “The Karmine Chronicles” page. :)

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