Beat Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


This game got a 10!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long; I seem to have gotten absorbed in a little game called Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wikipedia contains spoilers) on the Wii. I waited about five years for this release and I’ve had it reserved for over a year. Only problem was that nobody was offering pre-orders for the Wii.

So I waited in line overnight at Toys R Us (I had called every WalMart in the county — all sold out) as fifth in line. Those of us in front pretty much got to police the line — we were all ready to put up a fight against anyone who wanted to muscle on by.

It was a fun night (albeit long, 10PM to 11AM), but even more fun was the actual system when I got it! I picked up my pre-order of Twilight Princess and went home. A cheesy little game called WiiSports came with the system, which features interactive tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing, all heavily utilizing the motion sensing capabilities of the Wiimote. I played this for a bit, then popped in my copy of Zelda.

Instant love! The game starts you off as Link, a farmhand in Ordon village (in the southern forest), who happens to also be studying the art of the sword in his free time. Having gained popularity with some of the local kids and chatting it up with the villagers, Link’s horse gets taken to the fountain by a worried girl who could be president of PETA if she really tried, complaining that Link hurt Epona. Link goes to retrieve his horse when, ZOMG ATTACK!, and he finds himself… well not quite himself, let’s say.

The game was well worth the wait, I think, as it took me approximately 68 hours to beat it, though I didn’t finish several of the side quests. Some hilights of this game include a very dark storyline, by comparison, horseback fighting, and a pretty big world to explore. On the Wii, the Wiimote is used to swing your sword (no, the sword does not match your movements; instead it swings as though you had pressed B in Ocarina of Time), aim long ranged weapons, and fish, among other things.

Anyway, reviewers seem to agree with me in the fact that, though it’s blasphemous to say, this is the best Zelda game ever, beating even Ocarina of Time.

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3 Responses to “Beat Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

  1. Possum Says:

    For the record, it took me between 65 and 67 hours to beat the game.

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