Tent City Rant


This video kinda makes me mad.

So, I just upgraded to Wordpress 2.1 and I must admit, it’s not bad… all the plugins I have appear to work without problem and the autosave feature and tabbed editing are key features I’m sure I’ll enjoy.

But I don’t enjoy this video about the raid on Tent City (more news results) in St. Petersburg.

I used to pass this homeless sanctuary almost daily on 5th Ave. It was on private property owned by a local church, and these guys are just trying to make it in a world where they’re often shunned.

Authorities claim zoning laws are to blame, and it’s also been implied that it may be a “fire hazard.” Nevertheless, they use this as an excuse to raid private property and destroy the homeless residents’ only belongings.

A caller on the Buckethead Show on 98rock this morning identified the property issue as one that would attract national interest.

As a final note, Police Chief Harmon had this to say: “In hindsight we didn’t discuss the actual property issue, and we probably should have taken that into consideration. I think the perception was not good of how and what we did. I hope there’s no need to ever do that again.”

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2 Responses to “Tent City Rant”

  1. Kevin^L (43) Says:

    Makes me mad as well for two reason:

    1) The police doing this is just wrong, there are better ways to handle things then to fuck up those people’s tents, their homes atm, and send them back to the street. They can send them to a shelter or a place to help them (though they prob woudlnt take it). They can if anything tell them to pack their shit and leave (no they cant stay there? u kiddin’ me?), or pack it for them, but why did they have to destroy it?

    2) The people who fucking live in these tents need to get a job, find an apartment, if they can’t: go somewhere else and try; they have given up on life. These people are the lower dregs of society, they aren’t doing anyone a favor by making a huge a refuse pile (seen in video) and just being a drag on society.

    So overall, I think both parties are fucktards.

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  2. Possum Says:


    You know, I think I can see what you mean. It’s always good to look at both sides of a story and try to understand both sides. The city has a more-or-less valid reason to at least request them to leave.

    I think it might be worth reading the comments on the original video. Specifically a comment by the original poster: “about one-third at tent city are veterans. nationally, 23% of all homeless are veterans.”

    I think we’ve all dealt with those bums who just need to stop mooching and go find a job, or maybe some help from i.e., the homeless shelter, to get their feet off the ground. But there are a number of homeless veterans who’ve been denied disability money and cannot work due to war injuries.

    The point is that the whole system is fucked any way you look at it. Welcome to America, I guess :)

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