Megacon 2007


On Saturday, I went with Mary and friends to Megacon. It was pretty cool, first time I’ve been to a convention. Anyway, I first thought about going a couple of weeks ago, but I finally bought tickets a couple days before the event. We only went on Saturday, so I woke up at about 7 AM.

I don’t know how it took us so long, but after waking, showering, picking up Mary, and stopping for Starbucks, we had finally left around 10. An hour and a half later, we were at the convention.

dscn0666 dscn0667

The second we walked in we were surrounded by Wookies, Storm Troopers, and droids. Our first stop was the main exhibition hall where they had all the shopping and whatnot.

dscn0670 dscn0671

The floor was packed; row to row of store with pretty much everything geeky. Anime, comics, a few video games, card games, roleplaying games, toys, weapons (from games) — the list goes on!

dscn0675 dscn0676

We wandered around, getting pics with cosplayers until we found something better to do. We found Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, one of my favorite characters ever!

dscn0680 dscn0681

Anyway, about five hours after Mary and I arrived, we met up with Sarah, Adam, Deidra, and friends. Although it took them ages to get there (they got lost), they had the best costumes there.


Of course they were being stopped every two minutes for pictures. Adam, Mary, and I went to go play Dungeons & Dragons for the next four hours. I was the only one of them that had played before.

After a short (but fun) adventure, it was time for the rave.

dscn0696 dscn0698

We ran into Kevin there, who we didn’t even know was there. Here’s a good pic of the three of us, Kevin in the background:


Anyway, it was a fun day, and by the ride home, I was exhausted. I got a cool weapon though :)

dscn0687 dscn0718

Take a look at the image gallery for pictures of more cosplayers and fun stuff. Also please check out Mary’s coverage of the event.

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2 Responses to “Megacon 2007”

  1. Kevin^L (43) Says:


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  2. Adam (7) Says:

    Yeah, Megacon was badass. Hopefully we’ll both be going to Metrocon.

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