Bit o’ Dancin’, Bit o’ Music


I went Swing Dancing tonight at Savoy South for the first time in over a year. Mary came with; it was her first time ever. That was fun, I met a lot of people. The main reason I went because it was my friend Lauren’s (what no link? I thought there was a link…) birthday.

It took me awhile to get back into it, as I was a bit rusty. Still, I think I found my groove. Some of the songs they played were Sing, Sing, Sing by Louis Prima (the “Chips Ahoy” song), Rock Around the Clock by , and Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry. Remember, only $7 to get in, and conveniently located.

Something else to look forward to:

Crooked America Video

You heard right! If you have images disabled, Saturday, March 31st, Kritikal Resistance is filming their Crooked America video right here in Seminole at Boomerz Boiler Room! (Sorry about all the MySpace links :( )

And a BIG HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to Mary, who just turned 18 at midnight! :)

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01 Response to “Bit o’ Dancin’, Bit o’ Music”

  1. Mary (28) Says:

    We should go swing dancing again and again until we’ll be able to flips and twirls in the air . And since I do have awesome ninja powers, my flips and twirls would be freakin’ amazing :D

    Thank you for the birthday wish Dan!
    And posting it on your site is sweet too; also better than $4 Hallmark card :)

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