KRiTiKaL ReSiStanCe Concert


Last night was the KRiTiKaL ReSiStanCe concert at Boomerz Boiler Room. It was pretty good; I’d venture to say they had the best turnout I’d ever seen. I’m pretty sure they gave out all of their 200 promotional CD’s.

Wow, it’s getting late, and I wanted to get this post out today. I’m sure everyone’s heard of the Mozilla v. Microsoft suit, but I find this more interesting. KRiTiKaL ReSiStanCe had a number of interesting acts opening for them.

The first act was Dustin, who stuck a car battery to his nipples. Err… he was going to, but then he got into Klik’s mosh pit. He didn’t quite make it to the car battery part, so we hung him up and took whacks at him like a piñata. Yeah… lots of blood.

Then KR brought celebrities on stage! Asian reporter Mary reports:

It was definitely a fun night! FERGIE EVEN SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!!111111111 And Kritikal Resistance played “Glamorous” with FERGIE!!!!! It was soooo great, especially when the whole crowd goes “IF YOU AIN’T GOT NO MONEY, TAKE YOUR BROKE ASS HOME!”

Later on, Ludacris arrived and challenged everybody in the room to an Emcee Battle, Iron Chef style. I took my hand at it, but I was booed off the stage. So of course, I talked to Jason, the lead guitarist, who totally pwned Ludacris.

Unfortunately, not all was well. After the concert, Natalie Portman got shot by Aunt Jemima. As the police dragged her off, I overheard her muttering something about hot grits.

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to Jessie!


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5 Responses to “KRiTiKaL ReSiStanCe Concert”

  1. Kevin^L (43) Says:

    Were you by chance on LSD during this whole concert? Seriously, wtf?

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  2. Possum Says:

    Well… it was supposed to be an April Fool’s joke… but as you can see:

    This entry was posted on Sunday, April 1st, 2007 at 11:59 pm

    I was almost late :P

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  3. tim (10) Says:

    dan nice april fools post lol i was believing it halfway through well up to the furgie part

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  4. Possum Says:

    Oh yea, the reference about Natalie Portman and Hot Grits is that of a common troll on Slashdot.

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  5. Kevin^L (43) Says:

    I totally thought you were serious. Only, I never believed for a moment the concert actually took place. I thought you just took way to many drugs and dreamed some crazy shit.

    Oh well, I guess my way woulda been more fun?

    *is sitting in engineering class*

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