PirateFest, Disney, Overlays (Oh My!)


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving week! In today’s post, I’ll briefly talk about PirateFest, a trip to Disney World, and some Gentoo Overlays I’ve been working on recently… And perhaps a little bit more.

So, the weekend before Thanksgiving week was the Fifth Annual PirateFest at Vinoy Park (St. Pete). I only went Saturday, with Krystal, Mary, and Dylan, but Crampsie and Miska were working there and we met Mary’s good friend Cami there. It was a fun day! We went on rides, danced to pirate music, watched fights and fire dances, and ate Vegan chili. Mary has helpfully provided pictures.

Anyway, the next day (Sunday), I shipped off for Orlando with some family and spent a few days with my little siblings and my aunt at Disney World. That was fun also. Not much to say though, except I had to compile dhcp (and pay $9.95) to get online.

What else, what else… Oh! Gentoo users take note: I’ve been working on a few ebuilds that have irked me slightly and I’ve decided to make them publicly available in overlays. Anyone who plays or wishes to play the popular (I’m lying to myself) artificial life simulation Creatures (Wiki) games should check out my Creatures Overlay, which includes ebuilds for the open source openc2e and for Docking Station. If you want my entire collection of hacked ebuilds (you really don’t, trust me, but it’s there if you want to play), check out my possum overlay.

In other news, I’ve been using dyndns.com for the possum.kicks-ass.org domain name since the start of this blog. It’s a great site, enabling you to access a dynamically updating IP address with a static hostname. However, I have been using Dreamhost to host this site (shameless plug: use the promo code “POSSUMISM” to save $50 on any plan). In other words, I never need to update my IP with dyndns. Dyndns has also started requiring at least a login every 30 days. This becomes troublesome and, as such, I plan on moving this site to a yet-to-be-announced domain in a few months. I plan to keep this domain running for several months during the transition, at least to direct visitors to the new address.

Stay tuned for info!

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2 Responses to “PirateFest, Disney, Overlays (Oh My!)”

  1. Mary (5) Says:

    Shiver me timbers! Ye updates!
    Aye, Pirate Festival ’twas rejoiceful.
    I’ll gander thy ebuilds; I be curious to see them.
    I would say “thanks,” avast pirates aren’t thankful.

    * In case ye inquire why I be using XP, ’tis for skool.

    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox on Windows Windows XP
  2. Kevin^L (43) Says:

    HOLY SWEET MONKEY CHRIST, AN UPDATE. I was bored and checked to see for the hell of it. Sure enough here it is.

    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox on Windows Windows XP