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Monday, August 7th, 2006

I’m home.

Corfu Review

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

It’s been awhile — difficult to find Internet on an island
Okay, I’m in Athens now, at a very nice hotel that provided me with a power converter (America –> European) and Internet for my laptop — At the low, low cost of 12 Euro ($15.3066 USD). Anyway, I hate to bundle so […]

The Lovely Corfu

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

I arrived in Corfu yesterday.
The reason I’m here is that my aunt was meeting some friends, Alexandra(Greek) and Niel (English). They’re good people. So, for my first night in Corfu, I went to Irish Knights, the pub Neil works at. As you can imagine, the Greeks (and pretty much everyone else in […]

Greece: Trouble Getting Off the Ground

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Whoo, I’m posting today from an Internet Cafe in London’s Heathrow Airport.
Before we left, we had to deal with a (stupid) ticket mixup, and that lost us about two days (some of you may remember seeing me in chatrooms when I was supposed to be gone). We finally got out of here and spent […]

Greece: The Beginning

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

Well, it’s that time of year again, summer.
Tomorrow I am leaving for Greece to spend about six weeks at my aunt’s hotel. It seems like the past couple weeks went by surprisingly fast, and tomorrow is kinda catching me by surprise :/
Anyway, I will be logging all of my travels on this blog, probably […]