The Karmine Chronicles

  • Part 1

  • ****************************
    *********Slug.fl Log********
    07:57 [RtEy2] .
    08:06 [karmine] .
    08:08 [roblimo]
    08:11 [RtEy2] .....
    09:12 [copland-ij] hmmm no reverse :(
    09:16 [Tak] test driving a car?
    09:17 [copland-ij] no
    09:17 [copland-ij] test seems to be the name of irssi for windows
    09:17 [copland-ij] i have not been able to change it
    09:17 [Tak] actually I was referring to "no reverse"
    09:17 [copland-ij] oh
    09:18 [copland-ij] no reverse on the ip yet
    09:18 [copland-ij] so it shows
    09:19 [copland-ij] or what ever .. usually your reverse shows you ips hostname.
    09:19 [copland-ij] like
    09:21 [RtEy2] copland-ij: depends on which side is fetching the hostname
    09:21 [copland-ij] irc cant find the host name but others can it is wierd
    09:31 [karmine] ?
    09:32 [copland-ij] about to restart now have ot move the modem over to the router
    09:35 [karmine] zzzzzzzz
    09:35 [karmine] anyone there?
    09:36 [karmine] guess i might as well talk to a corpse
    09:36 [RtEy2] probably not
    09:36 [karmine] the secret service is watching me
    09:37 [RtEy2] offer them cookies & milk
    09:37 [karmine] no man
    09:37 [karmine] this is serious
    09:37 [Tak] I agree with RtEy2
    09:37 [karmine] i tried to re-enlist
    09:37 [Tak] or order them a pizza
    09:38 [karmine] and the recruiter talked shit so i threatened him
    09:38 [karmine] the police came
    09:38 [karmine] then them
    09:38 [RtEy2] then better yet, pull a prank on the guys watching you and order them 30 pizzas
    09:38 [karmine] stop talking nonsense
    09:38 [RtEy2] when they are fighting w/ the pizza man about not actually ordering the pizzas, stand infront of one of the cameras, waving and smiling
    09:38 [Tak] threatening a recruiter is ... sensible
    09:38 [karmine] have you heard anything aboutr mini-microchips being planted in people
    09:39 [karmine] abou
    09:39 [karmine] about
    09:39 [karmine] he was a piece of shit anyway
    09:39 [karmine] worthless staff sgt
    09:39 [RtEy2] yeah... rfid chips and such, they already plant them in dogs to help identify them
    09:39 [karmine] no smaller than that
    09:39 [karmine] passable by syringe
    09:39 [RtEy2] err, well, animals, and animal they can safely inject one into the scruff of the neck
    09:39 [karmine] passable by syringe
    09:40 [karmine] kind of like that 80's movie where the dude was shrunk into a vessel to explore the human body
    09:41 [karmine] and passed into the bloodstream with a needle
    09:41 [Tak] so you're saying the secret service injected you with rick moranis?
    09:41 [karmine] know what i mean?
    09:41 [karmine] ROFL
    09:41 [karmine] tak your an asshole
    09:41 [Tak] yes, I'm sorry
    09:41 [Tak] actually my nick on yahoo is offensive_asshole_Tak
    09:41 [karmine] but i have an unexplained sore on my left breast
    09:41 [Tak] just to give people fair warning
    09:41 [karmine] a lump
    09:42 [Tak] time for a mammogram
    09:42 [karmine] it was the day after
    09:42 [RtEy2] well, it would make for one hell of a tempoary penile enhancement for the fraction of a second the sub returns to normal size
    09:42 [karmine] i a man
    09:42 [dylan] karmine: have you considered the possibility of breast cancer?
    09:42 [karmine] i guess i cant get any reasonable responses
    09:42 [dylan] men can get breast cancer.
    09:42 [karmine] no, this was a pin prick
    09:42 [RtEy2] nah.. it's too early fer reason...
    09:42 [karmine] ive been in the military and had many needles jabbed
    09:42 [dylan] I see...
    09:42 [karmine] i know what they look like
    09:43 [karmine] and this was one
    09:43 [karmine] im scared
    09:43 [dylan] well, for the sake of argument, I'd say such tiny microchips exist. Now, the issue is, do you really mind that they're
    tracking your every move?
    09:43 [karmine] im scared to fucking talk to you
    09:44 [RtEy2] time for the tinfoil hats
    09:44 [karmine] this isnt attack of the space mutants
    09:44 [karmine] dylan yes i do
    09:44 [dylan] I always feel safe having the Government watch me.
    09:44 [RtEy2] wrap your body in tinfoil and prevent the signals from leaking out of your body
    09:44 [karmine] i dont trust out govt.
    09:44 [Tak] why not goto the doctor and have them check it out?
    09:45 [karmine] tin foil doesnt do shit man
    09:45 [RtEy2] cause the doctors are paid by the goverment
    09:45 [karmine] come on be real
    09:45 [Tak] heh
    09:45 [Tak] if doctors were paid by the govt, we wouldn't have such a healthcare crisis
    09:45 [karmine] ill cut it out right now if i have to
    09:45 [RtEy2] karmine: ok, steal a few lead based xray from the dentists & doctors and make yourself a lead suit
    09:45 [karmine] only some doctors are paid by the govt
    09:45 [Tak] karmine: that would be a bit drastic
    09:45 [RtEy2] lead based xray protection vests
    09:45 [karmine] only some doctors are paid by the govt
    09:46 [karmine] and they are always military doctors
    09:46 [karmine] and most usually captains
    09:46 [karmine] CO's
    09:47 [karmine] they get paid a lot for very little work
    09:47 [karmine] thats why sergeants hate being called SIR
    09:47 [dylan] sounds like any doctor.
    09:47 [karmine] sergeants work for their money
    09:48 [karmine] they go to the frontlines
    09:48 [karmine] while the CO's stay in the bases
    09:48 [karmine] any NCO hates being called sir
    09:49 [karmine] any branch
    09:49 [dylan] they really hate being called Madam Godiva.
    09:49 [karmine] yaya
    09:49 [karmine] no wondr i feel out of place amongst you
    09:49 [karmine] im never taken seriously
    09:49 [dylan] I never take anything seriously.
    09:50 [dylan] Not even my own mother. :)
    09:50 [RtEy2] hmm... well we could upgrade karmine's mind and skillz
    09:50 [karmine] im a trained killer dylan
    09:50 [karmine] my mind is stuck in the 90's
    09:50 [karmine] im a sniper
    09:50 [karmine] thats all i know
    09:51 [karmine] and basic comps
    09:51 [karmine] well intermediate
    09:51 [karmine] my linux sucks
    09:51 [RtEy2] hmm... lets grind some cooking skills into karmine
    09:51 [karmine] i know bare basics
    09:51 [karmine] i am a cook too
    09:52 [karmine] ive worked 6 years in restaraunts
    09:52 [RtEy2] right and after a few weeks of hours of learning how to mix water & flour, every thing else should become easier just like in the video games
    09:52 [karmine] i forget your name
    09:52 [karmine] but i will cook you the best steak
    09:52 [karmine] fish
    09:52 [karmine] chili
    09:52 [karmine] anything
    09:52 [karmine] ever
    09:53 [karmine] chili an steaks are my specialty
    09:53 [RtEy2] hey, karmine; whats yer last name?
    09:54 [karmine] you havent learned?
    09:54 [karmine] you dont know my real name lol
    09:54 [RtEy2] nope, never inquired previously
    09:54 [Tak] I don't know it either
    09:54 [karmine] id rather be known by my handle
    09:54 [RtEy2] I know people by their IRC names, and thats abou tit
    09:54 [karmine] tak
    09:54 * Tak shrugs
    09:54 [karmine] which one are you
    09:55 [Tak] I'm Levi
    09:55 [karmine] i know people by face
    09:55 [karmine] yetr i know his face
    09:55 [Tak] in that case you're screwed
    09:55 [Tak] because you've never met me
    09:55 [karmine] i remember the cute girl with the baby
    09:55 [karmine] hmmmm
    09:55 [Tak] that's dylan
    09:55 [karmine] thats her?
    09:55 [Tak] no, I'm kidding
    09:56 [karmine] i will kill you for lying:)
    09:56 * RtEy2 claps for no apparent reason
    09:56 [karmine] lol
    09:56 [Tak] eh, I had a good run
    09:56 [karmine] no im too out of place of this group
    09:57 [RtEy2] not really
    09:57 [karmine] well i could use...well i cant say use
    09:57 [karmine] yetr
    09:57 [karmine] whats your handle
    09:57 [RtEy2] We have another guy who attends a few meeting every now and then, and all he does is troll for information because he is too lazy to use google
    09:58 [karmine] nop real names ver
    09:58 [karmine] no
    09:58 [karmine] ever
    09:58 [RtEy2] you could just check my /whoie
    09:58 [RtEy2] whois
    09:58 [karmine] or you could tell me
    09:58 [karmine] instead of wasting my time
    09:59 [RtEy2] but using /whois is easier because I'm not entirely sure what you were wanting
    09:59 * karmine smirks
    09:59 [karmine] i want your alias
    09:59 [karmine] you know mine
    09:59 [RtEy2] I pretty much use RtEy
    09:59 [dylan] RtEy2 is his alias.
    09:59 [karmine] i dont like using his real name
    10:00 [RtEy2] RtEy2, RtEyG, RtEyS, RtEy1, RtEy3, RtEy2 Von Fudrot
    10:00 [karmine] the W
    10:00 [karmine] my old alias was Spawn
    10:00 [karmine] many years ago
    10:00 [RtEy2] If we can't see an emerging pattern, I'm gona have to thwap someone a few times w/ my heaviest manual
    10:01 [karmine] willy
    10:02 [copland] can any one see
    10:02 [RtEy2] I usually make it a habit of not responding to the usual set of nicknames of 'william'
    10:02 [copland] sorry
    10:02 [copland]
    10:03 [RtEy2] copland: I find port 80 open on that IP address
    10:03 [copland] which one
    10:03 [copland] 10 or 11
    10:04 [RtEy2]
    10:04 [RtEy2]
    10:04 [copland] ok does the page come up
    10:04 [RtEy2] duno, havn't checked..
    10:05 [copland] could you it just one line of text
    10:05 [copland] wit ha small image
    10:05 [Tak] image?
    10:05 [copland] far from intensive
    10:05 * Tak is suddenly wary
    10:05 [copland] appleshare ip logo
    10:05 [copland] it is a inside joke
    10:06 [RtEy2] god damnit something is hammering my internet connection hard
    10:14 [RtEy2] wee
    10:46 [yubimusubi] blah, can't find any batch scripts to change proxy in IE...
    10:46 [RtEy2] hmm
    10:48 [yubimusubi] ssh tunneling...I'd like an automated way to change my socks proxy...

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