The Karmine Chronicles

  • Chapter 2

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    *********RtEy's log*********
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    10:01 [karmine] hey
    10:02 -!- karmine [i=kar@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:0:0:0:31]
    10:02 -!- ircname : karmine
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    10:02 [RtEy2] ?
    10:02 [karmine] ive got an honest Q
    10:02 [karmine] for you and everyone
    10:02 [RtEy2] ?
    10:02 [RtEy2] ?
    10:03 [RtEy2] ... lagg
    10:03 [karmine] this country is going out of control
    10:03 [karmine] it is up to the people to keep it under control
    10:04 [karmine] for hundred of years
    10:04 [karmine] i know people
    10:04 [RtEy2] ok...
    10:05 [karmine] no your are missing the point
    10:05 [karmine] freedom
    10:05 [RtEy2] I'm still missing a question
    10:05 [karmine] will you join me
    10:06 [karmine] i have many influences in the infantry
    10:06 [RtEy2] not likely
    10:06 [karmine] we need your skills
    10:07 [karmine] you are elite
    10:07 [RtEy2] still, no.. most of my plausable plans for a future life emtail leaving the country
    10:07 [karmine] it wont help
    10:08 [karmine] that is my plan too
    10:08 [karmine] but they are only in it together
    10:08 [karmine] always has been
    10:09 [RtEy2] still, no chance..
    10:09 [karmine] 1 world ruler
    10:09 [karmine] no we need you
    10:09 [karmine] you are the best
    10:09 [karmine] that ive ever seen
    10:09 [RtEy2] as flattering as that is, no
    10:10 [karmine] do not think the govt wont find you
    10:10 [RtEy2] let them, I have no reason to run or hide
    10:10 [karmine] we need you
    10:11 [RtEy2] no thank you
    10:11 [karmine] you think?
    10:11 [RtEy2] no, I try not to think, it lets toe goverment read my thoughts from the energy being released inside my mind
    10:11 [karmine] i need you
    10:12 [RtEy2] need me in what way?
    10:12 [karmine] the govt cannot do that yet
    10:12 [RtEy2] yes it can!
    10:12 [karmine] i need you
    10:12 [RtEy2] need me in what way?
    10:12 [karmine] i need a hacker
    10:13 [karmine] your the best i know
    10:13 [karmine] i can see it in your hands
    10:13 [RtEy2] I don't hack
    10:13 [karmine] i am a shadow
    10:13 [karmine] yes you do
    10:13 [RtEy2] all I see in my hands is scarring from some wood shop accidents & future carpl tunnel syndrome if I keep using the computer like I am
    10:15 [karmine] i seen your hands at work
    10:15 [karmine] you are elite
    10:16 [RtEy2] definatly not likely
    10:16 [karmine] my hands are scarred from drills
    10:16 [karmine] handling weapons
    10:16 [karmine] your hands are computer
    10:17 [karmine] ive seen them in action
    10:17 [RtEy2] no, I have a few band saw scars, some exacto knife scars, solding iron scars
    10:17 [karmine] are you afraid?
    10:17 [RtEy2] not really
    10:17 [karmine] shit
    10:17 [karmine] ive got 15 cuts up my arms
    10:17 [karmine] and i had a solder iron blow up in my hand
    10:17 [RtEy2] bleh... my hands are usually the only thing to get messed up
    10:18 [karmine] i need you
    10:18 [karmine] we need you
    10:19 [RtEy2] who is this we again?
    10:19 [karmine] our country
    10:19 [karmine] you may think im crazy
    10:19 [RtEy2] yeah.. the scale is starting to tip towards that way
    10:20 [karmine] but its our fucking right to raise militia in time of crisis
    10:20 [RtEy2] which crisis thou?
    10:20 [RtEy2] the gasoline crisis?
    10:20 [karmine] and i know many people
    10:20 [karmine] no
    10:20 [karmine] our rights
    10:20 [karmine] fuck gas
    10:20 [RtEy2] which rights?
    10:20 [karmine] this country is becoming a despot
    10:21 [karmine] we have no rights
    10:21 [RtEy2] I don't understand the term despot
    10:21 [karmine] hitler
    10:21 [karmine] term.
    10:21 [RtEy2] so, what you are saying is that the country is becomming less democratic and more communist?
    10:21 [karmine] yes
    10:21 [karmine] very
    10:22 [karmine] i watch it every day
    10:22 [karmine] have you not?
    10:22 [RtEy2] And from what I've been understanding, you would prefer a single monarchy?
    10:22 [karmine] its only been going on for years
    10:23 [karmine] the whole thing is, bush is bs
    10:23 [RtEy2] well, thats a given
    10:23 [karmine] but people forget
    10:23 [karmine] its our right to uprise
    10:23 [karmine] constitution
    10:24 [karmine] to face them
    10:24 [karmine] 25% of americans still believe in bush
    10:24 [karmine] at most
    10:24 [karmine] 75% do not
    10:24 [RtEy2] so?
    10:25 [RtEy2] he'll be gone in two years...
    10:25 [karmine] he has 2 years left in office.
    10:25 [karmine] but in those 2 years.........
    10:25 [karmine] hitler created holocaust in 1
    10:26 [RtEy2] hitler was also a charasmitac speaker that people actually listened to because they had no other source of information
    10:26 [karmine] hitler was a good man in his term
    10:26 [karmine] until he had a cabinet
    10:27 [karmine] but busg doesnt listen top his cabinet
    10:27 [karmine] bush
    10:27 [karmine] bush is a moron
    10:27 [karmine] hitler was a genious
    10:28 [karmine] he raised the economy
    10:28 [karmine] but in the end he followed his idiopt cabinet
    10:28 [RtEy2] hitler also diddn't have such a large opposition against him either
    10:29 [karmine] the jewish genocide
    10:29 [RtEy2] Which faith did you origionally follow as a child?
    10:29 [karmine] that is how he fell
    10:30 [karmine] hitler had the whole world against him
    10:30 [RtEy2] not in the beginning hitler diddn't..
    10:30 [karmine] faith matters not
    10:31 [RtEy2] in the beginning of bush's term, he always had opposition from the democrats
    10:31 [karmine] of course
    10:31 [karmine] bush is a republican
    10:33 [karmine] yetr
    10:34 [RtEy2] ?
    10:34 [karmine] yetr
    10:34 [karmine] can you get a 50 cal sniper rifle
    10:34 [RtEy2] can't
    10:34 [RtEy2] I don't have any military contacts
    10:35 [karmine] know anyone?
    10:35 [RtEy2] nope
    10:35 [karmine] 30.06?
    10:35 [RtEy2] have you tried e-bay?
    10:35 [karmine] walmart
    10:35 [karmine] no
    10:35 [karmine] cant do it
    10:35 [karmine] traced
    10:36 [karmine] a 30.06 is sufficient
    10:36 [RtEy2] is it really?
    10:36 [karmine] yes
    10:36 [karmine] since ww2
    10:37 [karmine] but in reality
    10:37 [karmine] i want a k98
    10:37 [karmine] scoped k98
    10:37 [karmine] very hard to find
    10:38 [RtEy2] You've been playing Day Of Defeat too much
    10:38 [karmine] german
    10:38 [karmine] no
    10:38 [karmine] they exist
    10:38 [RtEy2] I know they exist, but that doesn't make them the best long ranged rifle
    10:38 [karmine] and german weapons = best
    10:38 [karmine] no
    10:39 [karmine] im best with german
    10:40 [karmine] i can pick 1 mile witha 30.06
    10:40 [karmine] brb
    10:42 [karmine] delete
    10:42 [karmine] any record
    10:42 [karmine] of this
    10:43 [RtEy2] If I can
    10:43 [karmine] shred
    10:43 [karmine] and shred
    10:43 [karmine] you can
    10:44 [karmine] i only know 2 others
    10:44 [karmine] but it will spread
    10:45 [RtEy2] right... well, good luck with that
    10:45 [karmine] depression tempts people
    10:45 [karmine] we need a hacker
    10:45 [RtEy2] I don't hack, sorry :)
    10:45 [karmine] yes you do
    10:45 [karmine] dont fool me
    10:46 [karmine] do it for your country
    10:46 [RtEy2] but I don't like my country
    10:46 [karmine] ive seen you
    10:46 [karmine] good
    10:46 [karmine] then do something for it
    10:47 [karmine] support the res
    10:47 [RtEy2] res?
    10:47 [karmine] you knew this would come
    10:47 [karmine] resistance
    10:47 [RtEy2] I don't understand the term res
    10:47 [RtEy2] oh
    10:47 [karmine] im not knowledged like you
    10:47 [karmine] i need you
    10:48 [karmine] and maybe your friends in the room
    10:48 [karmine] as i see
    10:49 [RtEy2] which room are we talking about?
    10:49 [karmine] slug.fl
    10:49 [RtEy2] oh, alright
    10:49 [karmine] we have a jap
    10:49 [karmine] i trust him a lot
    10:50 [RtEy2] apyou trust him because he is japanese?
    10:50 [karmine] hold on
    10:50 [RtEy2] and you*
    10:51 [karmine] i trust a lot of orients
    10:51 [karmine] now tell him he cnl trust me
    10:51 [karmine] can
    10:52 [RtEy2] tell who that 'he' can trust you?
    10:52 [karmine] yubi
    10:54 [karmine] hurry
    10:54 [RtEy2] why? what does he have to offer this organization of yourse?
    10:54 [RtEy2] yours*
    10:55 [karmine] asian aid?
    10:55 [karmine] jesus christ
    10:55 [karmine] the asians fear us the most
    10:55 [karmine] and..........
    10:56 [karmine] do you not think im serious?
    10:56 [RtEy2] Oh, I think you are serious, just not for the right reason
    10:56 [karmine] do you really want to live under a dictatorship?
    10:57 [RtEy2] depends, what are the pros and cons of this leader?
    10:57 [karmine] or do you want to live under a one world emperoro
    10:57 [karmine] emperor
    10:57 [karmine] it will nullify the constituition thats for sure
    10:57 [karmine] nobody will be free
    10:58 [RtEy2] can you be 100% sure that a single ruler will be worse?
    10:58 [karmine] my visions scare me
    10:58 [karmine] yes
    10:58 [karmine] let me speak to the asian
    10:59 [RtEy2] go ahead and talk to him if you want, I'm noone's ruler...
    11:01 [karmine] direct me
    11:02 [karmine] make me known
    11:02 [karmine] please
    11:02 [karmine] let him know he can trust me

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