The Karmine Chronicles

  • Chapter 3

  • ****************************
    *********Slug.fl Log********
    11:04 [karmine] yubi
    11:04 [karmine] talk to me
    11:05 [karmine] i guess ill go
    11:05 [karmine] im not welcome here
    11:06 [Tak] karmine: eh?
    11:06 [RtEy2] why do you think that?
    11:06 [Tak] what makes you think that?
    11:06 [karmine] i asked to speak to yubi
    11:06 [karmine] utmost importnce
    11:06 [karmine] and ....yetr you knoiw that
    11:06 [karmine] yetr
    11:07 [RtEy2] huh?
    11:07 [karmine] i wont say your real name
    11:07 [Tak]'re not welcome because yubimusubi is afk?
    11:07 [karmine] no
    11:07 [karmine] i need to speak to he now
    11:07 [karmine] so wake him
    11:08 [karmine] figures
    11:08 [karmine] hi yubi
    11:08 [karmine] (hes afk)
    11:08 [karmine] she
    11:09 [RtEy2] ... I don't think any of us have the ability to contact yubimusubi...
    11:09 [karmine] i do
    11:09 [karmine] if he/shes real
    11:10 [karmine] is he/she real?
    11:10 [RtEy2] I ment right not to aleart yubimusubi to tell em' to get their but back to the PC
    11:10 [RtEy2] right now*
    11:11 [karmine] so yubi is a real person
    11:12 [RtEy2] I would think so
    11:12 [karmine] i cant concentrate
    11:12 [yubimusubi] She's got an app that does remote desktop to everyone in the class
    11:12 [yubimusubi] karmine: ?
    11:13 [karmine] i need to talk to you
    11:13 [yubimusubi] heheh
    11:13 [yubimusubi] Okay, she's off her remote desktop
    11:13 [karmine] its serious
    11:13 [yubimusubi] hullo?
    11:13 [karmine] you even broke my concentration
    11:14 [karmine] query please

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