The Karmine Chronicles

  • Part 4

  • ****************************
    ******Yubimusubi's log******
    10:50 [karmine] sibar agaridacchu
    10:51 [karmine] okok
    10:51 [karmine] yubi
    10:51 [karmine] bad joke
    10:51 [karmine] you t here?
    10:54 [karmine] hibal hello
    10:54 [karmine] shibal
    10:54 [karmine] i need you
    11:03 [karmine] are you...williams friend
    11:03 [karmine] if so im sorry for the korean cursing
    11:11 [karmine] i need you
    11:13 [yubimusubi] Okay, what?
    11:13 [yubimusubi] Are you getting this?
    11:14 [karmine] hey
    11:15 [yubimusubi] what's up?
    11:15 [karmine] ive had many dreams dream
    11:15 [karmine] very bad ones
    11:16 [yubimusubi] dream was this? It's been a while...
    11:16 [karmine] but i want to lead the people of the world to utopia
    11:16 [yubimusubi] I recall you telling me about it
    11:16 [yubimusubi] okay
    11:16 [karmine] im killed
    11:16 [karmine] in many ways
    11:16 [yubimusubi] damn, that sucks
    11:16 [karmine] for many year ive had dreams of getting my throat cut
    11:16 [karmine] i fear it not
    11:17 [karmine] its not bad
    11:17 [karmine] name it ive been thru it
    11:17 [karmine] but why amn i still here
    11:17 [karmine] and asking for elites
    11:18 [karmine] to overthrow
    11:19 [karmine] can i talk to you in 10 minutes
    11:19 [karmine] you are supposedly the wisest
    11:19 [yubimusubi] err...I'm leaving soon
    11:20 [karmine] i must pray for my great grandmother
    11:20 [karmine] i need you to talk to about this
    11:20 [karmine] she told me for years
    11:20 [karmine] i must oppose
    11:21 [karmine] if you go i will understand
    11:21 [yubimusubi] Sadly, I have training to tend to, as I must hone my skills.
    11:21 [karmine] should i fly to japan?
    11:22 [karmine] believe me i can get the funds
    11:22 [karmine] i want to move there
    11:23 [yubimusubi] It's a beautiful place, of course, especially in the winter
    11:23 [karmine] fine ignore me, do your thing
    11:23 [karmine] its ok
    11:24 [karmine] if i could get a pass and come
    11:24 [karmine] and some $
    11:24 [karmine] could you get me a place
    11:24 [karmine] i need to leave this country
    11:25 [karmine] a small 1 room flat
    11:25 [karmine] i dont care
    11:25 [yubimusubi] I would enjoy spending all my life in japan, thought it is with my students I must reside
    11:25 [karmine] you are in japan though
    11:25 [yubimusubi] yes, but I have not always been
    11:26 [yubimusubi] I followed my students for all these years
    11:26 [karmine] if i get a passport and etc
    11:26 [karmine] can you help me?
    11:26 [yubimusubi] errr....I really don't suggest that currently...
    11:26 [karmine] why not
    11:27 [yubimusubi] You see, in the current state of affairs, what with the constant feudal warring going on, I know not how safe it would be
    11:27 [karmine] i fear the (blacks, mexicans, jews, whites) in my state
    11:27 [karmine] im like the only native american in florida it seems
    11:28 [karmine] the only slant eye
    11:28 [yubimusubi] Ahh, so you are overrun with those types I see...sadly western culture has consumed all of the great things in life
    11:29 [karmine] ive always dreamed of moving to japan
    11:29 [karmine] china
    11:29 [karmine] germany
    11:29 [karmine] phillinpines
    11:29 [karmine] i need to leave
    11:30 [yubimusubi] I shall be on later, so I can converse with you more then.
    11:30 [karmine] i dont want to be consumed
    11:30 [yubimusubi] Currently...
    11:30 [yubimusubi] I must resume my training
    11:30 [karmine] you make me cry
    11:30 [yubimusubi] I am honing my mental prowess as we speak
    11:30 [yubimusubi] I apologize, but I must go
    11:30 [karmine] and i dont lie
    11:31 [karmine] i never lie
    11:31 [yubimusubi] good.
    11:31 [yubimusubi] and good bye
    11:31 [karmine] i am alone

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