The Karmine Chronicles

  • Part 5

  • ****************************
    *********Slug.fl Log********
    11:17 [Tak] SELECT * FROM SlugFL
    11:17 [RtEy2] Tak: ?
    11:17 [Tak] responding to "query please"
    11:18 [RtEy2] agg
    11:18 [RtEy2] ahh
    11:18 [RtEy2] :P
    11:27 [RtEy2] copland: btw, I am unable to get an http connection to port 80 of that IP address you gave me
    11:32 [karmine] yetr
    11:32 [yubimusubi] bye all
    11:34 [RtEy2] ?
    11:38 [karmine] im getting a passport
    11:38 [karmine] to japan
    11:38 [Tak] ?
    11:38 [karmine] im tired of the states
    11:38 [RtEy2] a passport is a passport... I know the passport place in tampa is over by TIA
    11:38 [karmine] no
    11:39 [RtEy2] not sure where the place near you is thou
    11:39 [karmine] they cost a lot of $$
    11:39 [RtEy2] of course passports cost lots of money...
    11:39 [karmine] but i have backing
    11:39 [karmine] if i ask nice from my wealthy
    11:40 [karmine] im gone
    11:40 [RtEy2] later karmine
    11:40 [karmine] not yet lol
    11:40 [karmine] this will take persuasion
    11:41 [karmine] anda ton of money
    11:41 [RtEy2] lets see... you could hold a pet as hostage, threaten their life, or suck up and do stuff for them
    11:41 [karmine] no
    11:41 [karmine] i have family
    11:41 [karmine] with $$
    11:41 [karmine] now to convice them to let me see the world
    11:42 [RtEy2] well good luck with that
    11:43 [Tak] I see the world every day
    11:44 [karmine] i use to have that
    11:44 [karmine] until i had to resign
    12:07 [RtEy2] well, the karmine is gone
    12:07 [RtEy2] dylan, you can come out of your corner now...
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