The Karmine Chronicles

  • Chapter 6

  • ****************************
    *********Slug.fl Log********

    09:07 [karmine] yetr
    09:08 [RtEy2] Hiya karmine!
    09:08 [karmine] sup
    09:08 [RtEy2] nothing much
    09:08 [RtEy2] changing my desktop distribution from Gentoo to suSE
    09:08 [RtEy2] SuSE
    09:08 [karmine] ive almost mastered psi
    09:08 [karmine] hehe
    09:08 [RtEy2] psi?
    09:09 [karmine] psionic control of my body
    09:09 [RtEy2] ahhh
    09:09 [RtEy2] moving shit with your mind kind of stuff?
    09:09 [karmine] no
    09:09 [RtEy2] reading people's thoughts
    09:09 [RtEy2] ?
    09:09 [karmine] just making my body do things i want it to
    09:10 [karmine] using my mind
    09:10 [RtEy2] really? like what? can you run really really fast now?
    09:10 [karmine] not that kind of junk
    09:10 [karmine] im talking normal day to day
    09:11 [RtEy2] I've got it! you can hold an errection for longer than 4 hours?
    09:11 [karmine] it began with controlling anxiety and depression
    09:11 [karmine] now i can control hunger
    09:11 [RtEy2] really? sweet
    09:11 [karmine] sick feelings
    09:11 [RtEy2] kinda wish I could control my hunger, I could stand to lose some weight
    09:12 [karmine] and ive always held erections for longer than 4 hours
    09:12 [karmine] except in my dreams ive had lately
    09:12 [karmine] all apocalyptical
    09:12 [karmine] its scaring me
    09:12 [RtEy2] impitence problems in your dreams? that kinda sucks
    09:12 [karmine] no
    09:12 [karmine] the end of the world
    09:13 [karmine] the sun exploding
    09:13 [karmine] mass tidal waves
    09:13 [karmine] rain of fireballs
    09:13 [RtEy2] aww... exploding sun isn't high on my list of favorote ways to die
    09:13 [karmine] those are my dreams now
    09:13 [RtEy2] or fireballs for that matter
    09:13 [RtEy2] so, the karmine can see the future?
    09:14 [karmine] these dreams are becoming common
    09:14 [karmine] but i doubt it
    09:14 [karmine] just my fears becoming sub-reality in my dreams
    09:15 [RtEy2] I think they have medication for that now
    09:15 [karmine] rofl
    09:15 [RtEy2] what?
    09:15 [karmine] think i dont have it now?
    09:15 [karmine] id rather think than be blinded
    09:15 [RtEy2] dunno... I'm not a level 4 psychic yet
    09:16 [karmine] i dont like those drugs
    09:16 [RtEy2] really? why not? what ever did those drugs do to you to cause you not to like them?
    09:16 [karmine] i have to write a virus to kill our govt's nukes before the world ends
    09:17 [RtEy2] what about russia's nukes?
    09:17 [RtEy2] united kingdom's nukes
    09:17 [RtEy2] china
    09:17 [karmine] russians dont care about us
    09:17 [karmine] they are worried about china
    09:17 [RtEy2] I think there are some other nations with nuclear technology
    09:17 [karmine] they are close
    09:18 [karmine] the closer they are the more dangerous
    09:18 [RtEy2] I thought closeness diddn't matter with InterContential Ballistic Missles
    09:18 [karmine] oh believe me
    09:18 [karmine] when you have anti
    09:18 [karmine] it does
    09:19 [RtEy2] so.. what has the karmine been up to lately? tried signing back up for military service again?
    09:19 [karmine] i did
    09:19 [karmine] but they are afraid of me
    09:19 [RtEy2] got the police called out on you again?
    09:20 [karmine] nah
    09:20 [karmine] SS
    09:20 [RtEy2] ohh... so the secret service is trailing you again
    09:20 [karmine] no
    09:20 [karmine] i called my old CO
    09:20 [karmine] and they are watching me
    09:21 [karmine] police mean nothing
    09:21 [RtEy2] oh, so they are still watching you since the last time?
    09:21 [karmine] i bet they are
    09:22 [karmine] i shouldnt come here anymore
    09:22 [RtEy2] why not?
    09:22 [karmine] could have you in trouble
    09:22 [karmine] you guys are experts
    09:22 [RtEy2] bleh.. not to worried about 'trouble'
    09:23 [karmine] so you could hack the nsa
    09:23 [RtEy2] I forget, what are we experts of again?
    09:23 [karmine] and get out
    09:23 [karmine] no trace
    09:25 [karmine] you all are good
    09:25 [karmine] but not that good
    09:25 [RtEy2] oh, why do you say we arn't the best of the best? have you found someone else better than us?
    09:27 [karmine] i know some
    09:27 [RtEy2] really? do you think they'd be willing to share some tips with us? we're always eager to learn more efficent hacking methods
    09:29 [karmine] efnet
    09:29 [karmine] #linuxgeneration
    09:29 [karmine] #2600
    09:29 [karmine] LG is good
    09:29 [karmine] real people
    09:29 [RtEy2] gimmie a minute to connect
    09:30 [karmine] they are prolly idling
    09:30 [RtEy2] oh, really?
    09:30 [RtEy2] nut bunnies
    09:30 [karmine] most of them are IT;s
    09:30 [karmine] linux guru's
    09:30 [karmine] all flavors
    09:31 [RtEy2] you mean distributions, righthmm
    09:32 [karmine] yes
    09:34 [RtEy2] how is the snake?
    09:38 [RtEy2] ?
    09:38 * RtEy2 pokes the karmine
    09:38 [karmine] pissed off
    09:38 [karmine] i think
    09:39 [karmine] hes calm atm
    09:39 [karmine] he fasted for 2 months
    09:39 [karmine] now i guess hes ready to eat again
    09:39 [RtEy2] thats always good
    09:44 [RtEy2] anything else new to the karmine's life style?
    09:46 [karmine] i only jerk off every other day
    09:47 [dylan] That's... nice...
    09:47 [karmine] watch dbz?
    09:47 [dylan] Sure.
    09:47 [dylan] It's fun.
    09:47 [RtEy2] nah... dbz ruins anime
    09:47 [karmine] lol
    09:48 [RtEy2] dylan: only because you like to watch grown men grunt and groan
    09:48 [karmine] nm
    09:48 [karmine] im going to eat
    09:48 [karmine] gn
    09:48 [RtEy2] good night?
    09:50 [karmine] ja
    09:50 [karmine] guten nacht
    09:50 [RtEy2] cool
    09:50 [karmine] mein freund
    09:50 [karmine] auf wiedersehen
    09:50 [RtEy2] good night :)
    09:50 [karmine] ich liebe dick mein bruder
    09:50 [karmine] dich blah ja
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