The Karmine Chronicles

  • Part 8

  • ****************************
    *********Slug.fl Log********

    04:48 [karmine] sup
    04:49 [karmine] all dead?
    04:49 [karmine] give me your computers if you never use them
    05:03 [yubimusubi] I'm up
    05:04 [yubimusubi] shibaraku, ne?
    05:10 [karmine] hi
    05:10 [karmine] still there?
    05:11 [yubimusubi] kinda
    05:11 [karmine] never go to ##linux
    05:11 [karmine] people there are so moronic
    05:11 [yubimusubi] Aw, why not?
    05:11 [karmine] brb ill tell ya why
    05:11 [yubimusubi] hrm...
    05:11 [yubimusubi] k
    05:12 [karmine] back
    05:12 [karmine] hmm
    05:12 [karmine] who are you
    05:12 [karmine] were you at the meeting i went to
    05:12 [karmine] the only one
    05:12 [yubimusubi] which meeting was that?
    05:12 [yubimusubi] st pete? tampa?
    05:13 [karmine] it was tampa Benny's
    05:13 [karmine] march
    05:13 [karmine] i believe
    05:13 [yubimusubi] oh, recently?
    05:13 [karmine] yetr brought me
    05:13 [yubimusubi] nah, I haven't been to a meeting in years
    05:13 [karmine] ah
    05:13 [karmine] i felt very out of place there lol
    05:13 [karmine] im not uber-nerd like a lot of them
    05:14 [yubimusubi] heh
    05:14 [yubimusubi] you know what they say
    05:14 [yubimusubi] nerdiness is close to godliness
    05:14 [karmine] those guys in ##linux
    05:14 [karmine] were talking politics, the whole israel...paki...iraq shit
    05:15 [yubimusubi] yea, that happens
    05:15 [karmine] its been going on for a thousand year blah blah, i bet you know the history....especially after WW2 and the UN/US intervention
    05:15 [yubimusubi] I heard they caught that al-jazira guy or w/e
    05:15 [karmine] someone came in and asked a valid linux question and i get bitched at for telling people to stfu and help the guy lol
    05:16 [yubimusubi] hm...Iraq shoulda never been made
    05:16 [karmine] well
    05:16 [yubimusubi] at ##linux? no way
    05:16 [yubimusubi] he musta been trolling then
    05:16 [karmine] those countries should have never been split after ww2 as well
    05:16 [yubimusubi] right
    05:16 [karmine] that caused a LOT of problems
    05:17 [yubimusubi] as we can see today :P
    05:17 [karmine] im only 25, my history is getting rusty but i know we and the UN did a lot of BS to provoke all this
    05:17 [karmine] ive read a few 1000 page books
    05:18 [yubimusubi] hm...
    05:18 [yubimusubi] so how long were you in the military for?
    05:18 [karmine] 6 months
    05:19 [yubimusubi] how is it? I was thinking of enlisting once i get back to the states
    05:19 [yubimusubi] I might be too old by then though
    05:20 [yubimusubi] they seem to like young blood
    05:20 [karmine] they do
    05:20 [karmine] i got a lot of strings pulled to get in
    05:21 [karmine] waivers
    05:21 [karmine] its funny they let anyone in infantry though
    05:21 [karmine] very dumb people got in
    05:22 [karmine] most of my drills were rangersz
    05:22 [yubimusubi] obciously, people are begging to go into the midst of battle in Iraq with no previous experience
    05:23 [karmine] i mean you can have an asvab score of 35 to go infantry
    05:23 [karmine] thats like forrest gump
    05:24 [karmine] i went to college for computer science and got some degrees in robotics and mechanics and went infantry
    05:24 [karmine] but my book reading didnt help my physical side
    05:25 [yubimusubi] yea, we're nerds we know that feeling :P
    05:25 [karmine] i can shoot like a motherfucker, i qualified sharpshooter
    05:25 [karmine] i wanted to make a sniper team
    05:26 [karmine] now all i got is counter-strike and dayo of defeat
    05:26 [karmine] are you japanese?
    05:26 * yubimusubi plays counter-strike through wine
    05:26 [yubimusubi] japanese-american
    05:26 [karmine] you know fluent japanese?
    05:27 [yubimusubi] born in the states, but parents are both japanese...
    05:27 [yubimusubi] fluent? I wouldn't say that.. but I can get by.
    05:27 [karmine] or a lot of it?
    05:27 [karmine] can you tell me what kaioshin means?
    05:27 [karmine] kaioshin
    05:27 [karmine] yes its DBZ
    05:27 [karmine] kai-oshin perhaps
    05:28 [karmine] i watch most japanese anime in japanese but english subtitles are hardly accurate
    05:28 [karmine] hard to learn
    05:29 [yubimusubi] ah...really most japanese words depend on how their spelled...
    05:30 [yubimusubi] the spelling of "kai" I'm most familiar with is "raising" or "to rise"
    05:30 [karmine] hmmm
    05:30 [karmine] i seem to know what it is
    05:30 [yubimusubi] while "o" is a particle (no real significance besides grammar)
    05:30 [karmine] it deals with buddhism
    05:30 [karmine] and ascension
    05:31 [yubimusubi] and shin has about 50-million meanings
    05:31 [karmine] enlightenment
    05:31 [yubimusubi] but the one most known is "body, mind, and soul"
    05:31 [karmine] yes
    05:31 [yubimusubi] so yea, enlightenment sounds about right
    05:31 [karmine] that deals with buddhism
    05:31 [karmine] one thing ive read is few books from tibetan monks
    05:32 [karmine] i love asian culture and history
    05:32 [yubimusubi] buddhism, taoism, tai chi... based on very similar principles
    05:32 [karmine] sure beats pure warfare of the english and etc
    05:33 [yubimusubi] heheh, read up on the events leading up to the tokugawa era...
    05:33 [karmine] every night i wish i was reborn in the tokugawa regime
    05:33 [karmine] lol
    05:33 [karmine] you read my mindc
    05:33 [karmine] mind
    05:33 [yubimusubi] :)
    05:33 [karmine] but back then you needed real skill
    05:33 [karmine] hand to hand pretty much
    05:33 [karmine] true discipline
    05:33 [yubimusubi] that's an understatement
    05:34 [karmine] now you can kill from miles away
    05:34 [karmine] i can do that now
    05:34 [karmine] i cant fight with a sword
    05:34 [karmine] to a point
    05:35 [yubimusubi] ah, that's one of my studies next semester
    05:35 [yubimusubi] kendo
    05:35 [karmine] myself
    05:35 [karmine] ive practiced mostly hand to hand
    05:36 [karmine] mantis
    05:36 [karmine] kung fu
    05:36 [yubimusubi] shaolin, by any chance?
    05:36 [karmine] almost took my teacher one night sigh
    05:36 [karmine] no he was an army ranger
    05:36 [yubimusubi] ...
    05:36 [karmine] before i even got in
    05:36 [yubimusubi] I meant the area of kung fu
    05:36 [karmine] im not sure
    05:37 [yubimusubi] the style*
    05:37 [karmine] it was a very long time ago
    05:37 [karmine] i was taught to fight with bamboo staff
    05:37 [karmine] at first
    05:37 [karmine] but this guy came much later
    05:37 [karmine] he taught hand to hand
    05:38 [karmine] while i was being taught shotokan
    05:38 [karmine] with wooden swords
    05:38 [karmine] and eskrima
    05:39 [yubimusubi] the road to perfection is a long one
    05:39 [karmine] my hand to hand teacher said i have a natural art
    05:39 [karmine] for blocking
    05:40 [karmine] i guess in every discipline im defensive
    05:40 [karmine] even swords
    05:40 [yubimusubi] Book of Five Rings will change your opinion on that
    05:40 [karmine] what is the art
    05:40 [karmine] of drawing called
    05:41 [karmine] the draw art
    05:41 [karmine] it is defensive
    05:41 [karmine] to a point
    05:43 [yubimusubi] ah, sorry got distracted
    05:44 [yubimusubi] it's an art called shippitsu, (english I think is calligraphy)
    05:44 [yubimusubi] If it's the same one I'm thinking of
    05:45 [yubimusubi] it could also be kireidessan which literally translates to "pretty drawing"
    05:45 [karmine] no
    05:45 [karmine] its a style
    05:45 [karmine] of drawing the sword
    05:45 [karmine] and killing with it
    05:45 [karmine] very fast
    05:45 [karmine] very accurate
    05:46 [karmine] from the sheath
    05:46 [yubimusubi] ohhhh, I know what you're talking about...but that's not even a japanese word...there's a japan-ified version of it, but the name escapes me
    05:46 [yubimusubi] The actual style is chinese, and the word is also chinese
    05:46 [karmine] hmmm
    05:46 [karmine] i thought it was a samurai style
    05:47 [karmine] japanese discipline
    05:47 [yubimusubi] hrm...I can't think of any samurai training like that...I'll ask my kendo teacher though...
    05:47 [yubimusubi] a lot of japanese culture came from teh mainland (the land of mice) though
    05:47 [karmine] it may have been adopted
    05:47 [karmine] long ago
    05:48 [karmine] all this japanese anime perverts history
    05:48 [karmine] especially hentai
    05:48 [yubimusubi] hey, it's popular though :P
    05:48 [karmine] har har
    05:49 [karmine] [---likes real
    05:49 [yubimusubi] as do I...hentai is low, real low, if you take it seriously...
    05:50 [karmine] only fun thing is hentai games
    05:50 [yubimusubi] Thing is, hentai's original purpose was to be the butt end of jokes
    05:50 [yubimusubi] exactly, hentai games
    05:50 [karmine] ya, fun
    05:51 [karmine] hentai is suppose to mean dirty old man
    05:51 [yubimusubi] no...
    05:51 [karmine] like kami in DBZ
    05:51 [yubimusubi] it means "pervert"
    05:51 [karmine] hmm?
    05:51 [yubimusubi] so similar
    05:51 [yubimusubi] but slightly different :)
    05:51 [karmine] almost the same
    05:51 [yubimusubi] ecchi is more commonly used (and almost synonymous)
    05:51 [karmine] dialects i guess
    05:52 [karmine] you watch dbz?
    05:52 [karmine] ever?
    05:53 [yubimusubi] pssh... I saw an episode or two when it was popular...
    05:53 [karmine] hehe
    05:53 [yubimusubi] it was a cool idea...but doesn't fit my heritage at all
    05:53 [karmine]
    05:53 [karmine] i got the blue ones
    05:54 [yubimusubi] pretty still say "spiffy" over there?
    05:54 [yubimusubi] Ah, it's yuushoku time
    05:55 [yubimusubi] I'mma have to go...the family I stay with is pretty strict about yuushoku
    05:55 [karmine] spiffy? no
    05:55 [karmine] not me
    05:55 [karmine] thats so 80's
    05:55 [yubimusubi] no? aw man... wow, I'm out of my zone tonight
    05:56 [yubimusubi] But yea, I'm gonna have to go...god luck with your training and stuff
    05:57 [karmine] talk to your kendo master
    05:57 [karmine] and learn that style
    05:57 [yubimusubi] ah will do ^-^
    05:57 [karmine] of drawing
    05:57 [karmine] rurouni kenshin uses it:)
    05:58 [karmine] but of coursed it was a real style and very effective
    05:58 [karmine] course

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