The Karmine Chronicles

  • Chapter 8

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    *********Slug.fl Log********

    NOTES: Leveling the playing field.
    Notice the times compared to what was said.
    And potara is DEFINITELY mistranslated...

    04:48 -!- karmine [i=kar@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:0:0:0:2b] has joined #slug.fl
    05:45 [yubimusubi] oh wow, it's almost 7
    05:47 [yubimusubi] I'm taking this gorgeous chick to Osaka tonight
    05:47 [karmine] must be nice
    05:47 [karmine] take me too
    05:47 [yubimusubi] yea...just shaved and showered and everything...
    05:48 [yubimusubi] Gotta leave in about 10 minutes though, if I want to impress her :)
    05:48 [yubimusubi] You want to go to Osaka?
    05:49 [yubimusubi] heh, it's a beautiful city
    05:50 [karmine] japan right
    05:50 [karmine] we talked before but i was prolly buzzed
    05:50 [yubimusubi] yup
    05:50 [yubimusubi] ah, you seemed coherent enough
    05:51 [karmine] im not too much into cities
    05:51 [karmine] the countryside id be interested in
    05:51 [yubimusubi] trust me anything you've had in america is nothing compared to sake
    05:51 [karmine] we have crap sake
    05:51 [yubimusubi] heheh
    05:51 [karmine] bottled garbage, i'd like to make my own but im missing one ingredient
    05:52 [yubimusubi] rice?
    05:52 [karmine] the saki we get here is like....crappy wine
    05:52 [karmine] saki there is supposedly basically liquor
    05:52 [karmine] like it was in the middle ages
    05:52 [yubimusubi] well...actually it's more like...
    05:52 [yubimusubi] very very very strong wine...
    05:53 [yubimusubi] you gotta drink it warm.
    05:53 [karmine] i suppose theres a special rice you need to make saki, but i know a few places to get inported from thailand
    05:53 [karmine] i had a couple bottles and never chilled lol
    05:53 [yubimusubi] :)
    05:54 [karmine] but it wasnt that strong neither
    05:54 [yubimusubi] Oh?
    05:54 [yubimusubi] must not have been made right then.
    05:54 [karmine] strict alcohol laws
    05:55 [yubimusubi] In the U.S., I used to drink gallons of whiskey like it was candy
    05:55 [karmine] cant even make alcohol here over so many gallons (litres)
    05:55 [yubimusubi] Ah...right can't make your own...forgot
    05:55 [karmine] you can but not over a certain limit
    05:55 [karmine] send me a jug of real saki:)
    05:56 [yubimusubi] Hm...if I remember correctly you're not even allowed to own a still that's, like, over 2 litres
    05:56 [karmine] sake
    05:56 [karmine] i dont even know anymore
    05:56 [karmine] its different for beer vs liquor
    05:56 [karmine] over the limit you need a license
    05:57 [yubimusubi] Heh, I like my saki, and I like my beer (and sometimes whiskey)....other than that, I'm not much for alcohol :)
    05:57 [karmine] im a rum drinker
    05:57 [yubimusubi] Hm...what's the drinking age there? (I forget) isn't it, like 19 or something ridiculous?
    05:57 [karmine] and brandy
    05:57 [karmine] no its 21
    05:57 [karmine] 19 is canada
    05:57 [yubimusubi] yea, they're okay
    05:57 [yubimusubi] 21?! Ohhh... right...
    05:58 [karmine] use to be 18 back in like the 60's i think
    05:58 [yubimusubi] Jeez, I've been over here so long I'm mixing up countrie's, thanks
    05:58 [yubimusubi] Nah, I wasn't even alive in the 60's -- c'mon, I'm only 27.
    05:58 [yubimusubi] (28 by Japan's standards)
    05:59 [karmine] cant even show affection in public over there
    05:59 [yubimusubi] I just remembered that US had these asanine drinking laws
    05:59 [karmine] yet they are the dirtiest people on the net
    05:59 [yubimusubi] Ha, met some Canadian tourists visiting the campus once...
    06:00 [karmine] must be bad, canada is involved
    06:02 [yubimusubi] Ah, kuso! I gotta get outa here Mayanami will be waiting...
    06:02 [karmine] ah afk now huh
    06:03 [karmine] hmmf
    06:03 [yubimusubi] Yea, I'm running late, this is important ;)
    06:03 [karmine] one thing i do remember
    06:03 [karmine] "enlightened one"
    06:03 [karmine] Kaioshin
    06:03 [karmine] hehe
    06:03 [karmine] well have fun
    06:03 [yubimusubi] Ah, yes, I remember :)
    06:03 [yubimusubi] Hai, wish me luck ;)
    06:03 [karmine] btw does potara
    06:03 [karmine] have any meaning there
    06:04 [karmine] forget it, if its a jap girl have fun:)
    06:04 [karmine] i got my daikaioshin earrings btw
    06:04 [karmine] pretty jade
    06:05 [yubimusubi] Ah, just looked over at the screen...awesome, and potara is something like "dance"
    06:05 [yubimusubi] sayonara
    06:06 [karmine] i understand
    06:06 [karmine] sayonara
    09:20 -!- karmine [i=kar@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:0:0:0:2b] has quit []
    10:20 [dylan] yubimusubi: wow, that was great.
    10:24 * winix dies laughing

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