The Karmine Chronicles

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    *********Sluf.fl Log********

    --- Log opened, Tue Jun 13
    01:26 -!- karmine [i=kar@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:0:0:0:1d] has joined #slug.fl
    01:28 [jasonfm] ipv6?
    01:29 [karmine] ?
    01:29 [karmine] ya
    01:31 [yubimusubi] oh how bout that...wonder why I never noticed that before
    01:31 [jasonfm] why dont you spoof that shit?
    01:32 [yubimusubi] karmine: what are the benefits of using ipv6?
    01:32 [jasonfm] spoofing makes it spiffy :P
    01:32 [yubimusubi] hm...that reminds me, I need to spoof mine
    01:32 [karmine] exactly.
    01:33 [karmine] id like to see 99% of IRC try to resolve my ip
    01:33 [jasonfm] hahahaa
    01:34 [karmine] people use TOS too
    01:34 [karmine] errr
    01:34 [karmine] TOR
    01:35 [karmine] me i got through a bouncer and a tunneler
    01:35 [karmine] go
    01:35 [yubimusubi] TOR is short for Trogdor, right?
    01:35 [jasonfm] well no shit
    01:35 [jasonfm] its gotta be done none the less
    01:35 [karmine] wonder if one could ipv6 over that
    01:36 [yubimusubi] what, trogdor?
    01:36 [yubimusubi] he probably does do ipv6 -- too cool for ipv4
    01:38 [karmine] so how was osaka
    01:39 [yubimusubi] Ah, it was fun :)
    01:39 [yubimusubi] mayanami wa boku aishiteru desu ne!
    01:40 [karmine] bukakke?
    01:40 [karmine] sorry i know practically no words in japanese
    01:40 [yubimusubi] ah...right
    01:40 [karmine] only shashimi (chinese maybe?) and onigiri
    01:40 [yubimusubi] I said that chick mayanami really digs me :)
    01:42 [yubimusubi] onigiri -- oishii desu ne
    01:42 [yubimusubi] of course, as a vegetarian, I can't eat the onigiri that
    has fish
    01:43 [yubimusubi] karmine: so do you even use linux?
    01:43 [karmine] ya
    01:43 [karmine] was having problems but yetr came over and fixed it
    01:43 [yubimusubi] ah
    01:43 [karmine] RtEy2 is completely insane for going to someone's house
    01:45 [jasonfm] karamine, im sure that if someone has ipv6 libs, and package
    01:45 [karmine] yes
    01:46 [karmine] but most windows script kiddies (99% of irc) wouldnt know where to start
    01:46 [yubimusubi]'s just...I've seen you on this channel lately and you tend not to talk about linux...thought it
    was kinda weird considering this *is* a linux channel :)
    01:46 [karmine] i hard ever see any linux talk in here:O
    01:46 [karmine] let alone any talk at all
    01:47 [yubimusubi] that's cause you're only on at...well what time is it in florida?
    01:47 [yubimusubi] wait, you're usually here in the early evening, like around 7-ish
    01:48 [jasonfm] karamine, any linux talk?
    01:48 [jasonfm] are you in here often?
    01:48 [jasonfm] or just at 2 in the morning :P
    01:49 [karmine] usually at 2 in the morning till like whenever
    01:49 [yubimusubi] oh it's 2am there?
    01:49 [jasonfm] where you located?
    01:49 [yubimusubi] that makes it, what an 11 hour difference?
    01:49 [karmine] almost
    01:49 [yubimusubi] no 13
    01:50 [yubimusubi] I'm 13 hours /ahead/ of you guys
    01:51 * jasonfm slaps karamines file on the table
    01:51 [jasonfm] now..
    01:51 [jasonfm] you say youve been in jail?
    01:53 [karmine] who me?
    01:54 [jasonfm] whoelses file do i have in hand :P
    01:54 [karmine] howd you get that, i thought i cleared my record
    01:54 [jasonfm] clearing doesnt matter
    01:54 [jasonfm] i got the old one right here :D
    01:55 [yubimusubi] karmine: you mean you don't remember?
    01:55 [jasonfm] i wanna hear your story :)
    01:55 [karmine] uhhh, i didn't do it
    01:55 [karmine] no comment.
    01:55 [jasonfm] pleaing the 5th so soon :))
    01:55 [jasonfm] GUILTY!!!
    01:55 [yubimusubi] yea, what's up with that?
    01:55 [jasonfm] brb
    01:55 [karmine] it's my word against hers!
    01:56 [karmine] she was on top!
    01:56 [karmine] she had the gun!
    01:56 [yubimusubi] hm...that's not what we heard last time
    01:57 [jasonfm] whos this girl we speak of?
    01:58 [karmine] plead the 5th
    01:58 [jasonfm] some whore you decided to slap and git r done?
    01:58 [jasonfm] ya know...
    01:58 [yubimusubi] jasonfm: heheh, looks like he's doing what he did last time
    01:58 [jasonfm] that only makes ya more guilty
    02:00 [jasonfm] you were a sniper, correct?
    02:00 [jasonfm] im intrested in stealth training like that, could you tell me a lil more about your experience?
    02:02 [karmine] hunting teaches you
    02:02 [karmine] if you can hide from animals
    02:03 [karmine] you can hide from anything except like thermal goggles lol
    02:03 [karmine] its all about camo and not having a distinct human form
    02:05 [yubimusubi] hm...I don't see that working in downtown Tokyo
    02:05 [jasonfm] lotta animals
    02:05 [jasonfm] tell me..
    02:05 [jasonfm] were you trying to hide?
    02:06 [jasonfm] or was she a victim
    02:06 [karmine] reminds me of a time before i went into the friends old man use to take care of mentally
    challenged people. one day we were making guillie suits and talking about a sniper book where some snipers
    crap in their pants to remain hidden. we played hide and seek with the guillie suits and this one tard
    crapped his pants so he didnt have to get up
    02:07 [karmine] lol, if you dont hide you went see an animal long enough to shoot it
    02:08 [yubimusubi] what's a guillie suit?
    02:08 [jasonfm] exactly
    02:08 [jasonfm] im asking which direction
    02:12 [karmine] dont understand the question
    02:12 [jasonfm] ipv6 tunnel time out yet?
    02:12 [yubimusubi] rofl, major ricer alert:
    02:12 [jasonfm] yubi, gimme some bandwith
    02:12 [karmine] and the suit is made to hide the human form
    02:13 [yubimusubi] jasonfm: what do you mean?
    02:13 [karmine] you attach earthen materials to it like sticks moss etc to hide under
    02:13 [yubimusubi] karmine: ah, gotcha
    02:13 [jasonfm] so you were in a suit to hide your human form
    02:13 [yubimusubi] karmine: ohhh, I've seen those
    02:13 [jasonfm] and di that make her horny?
    02:13 [karmine] Navy seal posters etc have guys in bushlike suits, thats one version
    02:14 [karmine] make who horny
    02:14 [jasonfm] the girl you say was on top
    02:14 [jasonfm] DONT PLAY STUPID!
    02:14 [jasonfm] ;p
    02:15 [karmine] and your trying to flood my tunnel?
    02:15 [jasonfm] paranoid?
    02:15 [karmine] nah
    02:15 [karmine] can get a new one within seconds
    02:15 [yubimusubi] yay, renew IP :)
    02:15 [jasonfm] and youll find yourself right back here :)
    02:15 [karmine] just stop and restart the tunneler and i get a new IP
    02:16 [jasonfm] in the interogation room
    02:16 [karmine] helps with ban evasion
    02:16 [jasonfm] welp
    02:17 [jasonfm] not a whole lot join this chan with hexnames
    02:18 [jasonfm] sweating under that suit a bit arent ya
    02:18 [karmine] it would get hot
    02:19 [karmine] especially made out of coveralls
    02:19 [karmine] guillie tarp would be a little cooler since its burlap
    02:20 [yubimusubi] ouch, and in iraq in the summer
    02:20 [yubimusubi] man I feel bad for those guys
    02:20 [yubimusubi] They're still in iraq right?
    02:20 [karmine] ya;\
    02:21 [karmine] its not even a war
    02:21 [karmine] its an occupancy
    02:21 [yubimusubi] right, well...that's good, I guess
    02:23 [jasonfm] well, considering im in japan now, just got back..
    02:23 [jasonfm] found your records..
    02:24 [jasonfm] and your sitting htere waisting my time pleaing the fifth..
    02:24 [jasonfm] i have no choice but to put you on trial
    02:24 [karmine] come fight?
    02:25 [jasonfm] i would consider getting a lawer
    02:25 [jasonfm] im an investigator
    02:25 [karmine] i got a lawyer
    02:25 [karmine] one on each arm
    02:25 [jasonfm] sounds like one to me
    02:25 [jasonfm] got one arm?
    02:25 [jasonfm] better keep it handy, or your gonna lose it
    02:25 [yubimusubi] jasonfm: oh you're back in town?
    02:25 * karmine Cove [00:58m/63Kbps/22KHz]
    02:26 [jasonfm] yep
    02:26 [yubimusubi] jasonfm: oh c'mon don't pursue a case against karmine .. IIRC, he said he served his time
    02:26 [karmine] i served time for crimes i didnt commit too
    02:26 [karmine] this state/county is crooked
    02:27 [yubimusubi] hey, still sounds like what he said last time...
    02:27 [jasonfm] which one is it?
    02:27 [yubimusubi] also said his mates call him Dr. Von Spawn lol
    02:27 [karmine] the jail is self-sufficient and all the money goes to the wardens bank account
    02:27 [karmine] manatee county
    02:28 [karmine] i dont really have "mates" anymore
    02:28 [karmine] and Spawn is just an old alias people have known me as for a long time
    02:28 [yubimusubi] Ah, lol
    02:29 [yubimusubi] That's a comic book character, ain't it?
    02:29 [jasonfm] this crime was recent karamine
    02:30 [karmine] ya
    02:30 [jasonfm] we found a dead whore in a downtown hotel two nights ago
    02:30 [karmine] oh, im not aware of any recent crimes
    02:31 [karmine] musta been the crack dealers next door
    02:31 [jasonfm] our evidence team found your prints
    02:31 [karmine] really?
    02:31 [yubimusubi] wait, in japan?
    02:31 [karmine] dont know how i cut the skin off my fingertips
    02:31 [jasonfm] hair and tissue samples also
    02:31 [karmine] plus im bald
    02:31 [karmine] i nair my whole body
    02:31 [yubimusubi] jasonfm: you sure you're wise in revealing this info to him outside of court?
    02:32 [yubimusubi] karmine: do you also have an armadillo helmet?
    02:32 [karmine] no, manatee skin
    02:33 [karmine] yubi
    02:33 [karmine] do they still make swords in japan
    02:33 [yubimusubi] Ah, okay
    02:33 [yubimusubi]'s a specialty department
    02:33 [yubimusubi] Not many, only for hobbyists
    02:34 [karmine] ;\
    02:34 [yubimusubi] But the ones that are made are of the highest quality you've ever seen
    02:34 [yubimusubi] (And yes, they would be deadly in battle)
    02:34 [karmine] are only made in japan
    02:34 [karmine] they make garbage in the states (novelty items made from movies)
    02:35 [karmine] spend 100$+ on a katana/samurai that couldnt cut a cabbage
    02:35 [yubimusubi] well that's not cool :/
    02:35 [karmine] my old sensai was awarded an authentic
    02:36 [karmine] i dont remember what its called, its a shorter version of the katana
    02:36 [karmine] i should know but i have forgotten, sigh
    02:37 [yubimusubi] watazaki
    02:37 [yubimusubi] err.. watazashi
    02:37 [karmine] wakizashi
    02:37 [karmine] i think
    02:37 [yubimusubi] yea, that's it :P
    02:37 [karmine] id like to have a no-dachi
    02:38 [yubimusubi] the accent here sometimes mixes 'k' and 't'
    02:38 [yubimusubi] no-dachi are pretty :)
    02:38 [karmine] like koreans with 'r' and 'L'
    02:38 [karmine] "herro, welcome to..."
    02:39 [karmine] it would be hard to wield a no-dachi
    02:39 [karmine] well, back then when they didnt have lightweight metals
    02:40 [karmine] but the thing would someone in two from top to bottom if it hit
    02:40 [karmine] *cut
    02:41 [yubimusubi] heheh
    02:41 [jasonfm] karmine
    02:41 [jasonfm] ya like porn?
    02:41 [karmine] hmmm, i have to figure a way to trim a 750 mb file to burn to a 702 mb disk
    02:41 [yubimusubi] imagine carrying one of those on the back of a horse
    02:41 [karmine] i only got a couple mags
    02:42 [jasonfm] and a computer
    02:42 [jasonfm] :)
    02:42 [karmine] stop trying to make me paranoid
    02:42 [jasonfm] ?
    02:42 [jasonfm] just asking a question
    02:42 [jasonfm] dont get tense
    02:43 [jasonfm] youll only come off as paranoid
    02:43 [jasonfm] like wankin the yank?
    02:44 [yubimusubi] jasonfm: that's not up to protocol....
    02:44 [karmine] just dont want my porn stolen
    02:44 [yubimusubi] karmine: lol
    02:44 [karmine] but im behind a router and smoothwall
    02:44 [karmine] so i have no fear
    02:45 [yubimusubi] firewalls are cool
    02:45 [yubimusubi] karmine: what firewall are you using?
    02:45 [jasonfm] they can also be brought down
    02:45 [karmine] depends
    02:46 [karmine] i dont use mainstream stuff usuall
    02:46 [karmine] only stuff to monitor traffic
    02:46 [yubimusubi] like nmap?
    02:46 [jasonfm] no
    02:46 [jasonfm] packet monitors
    02:46 [karmine] i got nmap
    02:47 [karmine] dont use it much
    02:47 [jasonfm] nmap is a port scanning utility
    02:47 [yubimusubi] Ah, pf/iptables
    02:47 [karmine] peerguardian is pretty good at keeping bad connections away
    02:47 [jasonfm] although, you can trace with nmap
    02:47 [karmine] can do a lot with nmap
    02:47 [jasonfm] but its not constant
    02:48 [karmine] nope
    02:48 [yubimusubi] peer...peer? wtf? that's a windoze utility, ain't it?
    02:48 [karmine] yup
    02:48 [jasonfm] lol
    02:48 [yubimusubi] I thought you said you use linux
    02:48 [karmine] i am on windows right now
    02:48 [yubimusubi] ohhh, alright
    02:48 [yubimusubi] and you're downloading
    02:48 [yubimusubi] from p2p
    02:48 [karmine] nah
    02:48 [yubimusubi] ?
    02:49 [yubimusubi] IIRC, generally that's what peerguardian is used for
    02:49 [karmine] pg isnt just for p2p
    02:49 [karmine] its got a list of millions of IPs
    02:49 [karmine] and blocks them
    02:49 [yubimusubi] ah, stops M$ from scanning your shit
    02:49 [karmine] ms....govt....riaa etc
    02:50 [karmine] of course its prolly got a backddor
    02:50 [yubimusubi] I'm sure it does
    02:50 [jasonfm] windows is one
    02:51 * jasonfm nods
    02:51 [karmine] he nods at himself
    02:51 [karmine] lol
    02:51 [yubimusubi] :)
    02:51 [karmine] dont think that unix variants dont have them too, especially since its open source.
    02:51 [jasonfm] cause im sure of it
    02:51 * karmine nods
    02:52 [karmine] microsoft does it intentionally.
    02:52 [karmine] i hate tampa
    02:53 [karmine] blah FL
    02:53 [yubimusubi] heh, I remember that feeling
    02:54 [karmine] i wanna move to norway
    02:54 [karmine] maybe japan so i can learn how to fly (ninjas can fly)
    02:54 [jasonfm] what sensai teaches you that?
    02:54 [karmine] or maybe ill study with the flying nuns
    02:55 [karmine] it was a joke
    02:55 [yubimusubi] yea, I've seen one or two flying ninjas
    02:55 [jasonfm] lol
    02:55 [yubimusubi] they're fairly uncommon -- trained to keep their identities secret
    02:55 [karmine] well they are assassins
    02:56 [jasonfm] assasination
    02:56 [karmine] and ones that fly can get busted especially, since they fly over their victims and drop poison bombs on them
    02:56 [karmine] ricin and shit like that
    02:56 [jasonfm] ever thought of assasinating the president?
    02:56 [karmine] shh
    02:57 [jasonfm] maybe...even gathering a leet group of hackers to take down the government?
    02:57 [karmine] dont say such things
    02:57 [karmine] group?
    02:57 [jasonfm] usre
    02:57 [jasonfm] sure
    02:57 [karmine] id wouldnt settle for a group
    02:57 [jasonfm] what would it take?
    02:57 [karmine] an army
    02:57 [jasonfm] in your opinion
    02:58 [jasonfm] ok
    02:58 [jasonfm] has it ever been a thought?
    02:58 [karmine] nah
    02:58 [jasonfm] really?
    02:58 [jasonfm] hm
    02:58 [karmine] really.
    02:59 [yubimusubi] heh, that would be interesting
    02:59 [jasonfm] sure would
    02:59 [yubimusubi] buncha l33t h4xx0rz taking down the gov't
    02:59 [karmine] it would prove to be quite difficult in these times
    03:00 [yubimusubi] yea, what with the homeland security and shit
    03:00 [karmine] and that large computer they have in area51
    03:01 [karmine] what do they call it...
    03:01 [yubimusubi] but I believe the CIA uses windoze
    03:01 [karmine] the conspiracy theorists call it i forget
    03:01 [jasonfm] karmine, think its possible?
    03:01 [karmine] oh, the military uses windows too
    03:01 [karmine] anythings possible with computers
    03:01 [jasonfm] what a fuck up
    03:01 [jasonfm] heh
    03:02 [karmine] of course the company of the richest man on earth would donate to the govt to bypass certain laws he has been breaking for many years
    03:02 [jasonfm] what part of the military uses windows?
    03:02 [karmine] not on earth but
    03:02 [karmine] i know the army does
    03:03 [jasonfm] anywhere in central command?
    03:03 [karmine] not sure about that
    03:03 [karmine] but several army bases
    03:03 [karmine] Home of the Infantry does.
    03:03 [karmine] well home of the Infantry, Airborne and Rangers
    03:05 [jasonfm] military invents unix...
    03:05 [jasonfm] decides to use windows..
    03:05 [jasonfm] i dont get it
    03:07 [karmine] i bet the central comp uses unix
    03:07 [karmine] but ive seen MS networks on base
    03:07 [karmine] all branches most likely tie into the DOD
    03:07 [karmine] then norad or w/e they call it
    03:07 [yubimusubi] bleh, windoze will be their downfall
    03:07 [karmine] the conspiracy theorists
    03:08 [jasonfm] DOD invents tcp/ip
    03:08 [yubimusubi] ehhh...either that or lighting a Tokyo Times on fire -- that wasn't a bright idea :/
    03:10 [karmine] someone arsoned a newspaper over there?
    03:10 [yubimusubi] I accidentally lit one on fire, just now :/
    03:11 [yubimusubi] ^-^;;
    03:12 [karmine] how do you do something like that on accident
    03:12 [karmine] its not like they are still using oil candles over there lol
    03:13 [yubimusubi] heheh...let's just say newspaper != ashtray
    03:15 [karmine] send me a pack of jap ciggs
    03:15 [karmine] how much they cost....500 yen?
    03:17 [yubimusubi] Actually Rin (the brand I smoke) can cost only 350
    03:17 [yubimusubi] And Rin is an expensive brand
    03:18 [karmine] what is 350 yen in us $
    03:18 [yubimusubi] damn, it's changed so much since I was in the states...I'd have to look it up
    03:23 [karmine] 3$
    03:23 [karmine] thats cheap
    03:24 [karmine] wonder why they dont go onto a smaller scaled monetary system in japan
    03:24 [yubimusubi] why would they?
    03:24 [karmine] a million $ is like 9k yen
    03:25 [karmine] the only thing i see for yen to be so....minute is for wages
    03:26 [yubimusubi] you mean a million en is like $9k?
    03:26 [karmine] no
    03:26 [karmine] ya
    03:26 [karmine] i mean
    03:26 [yubimusubi] :)
    03:26 [karmine] $8758.8684
    03:27 [karmine] they cut money so much
    03:27 [karmine] wonder how they deal with change
    03:27 [yubimusubi] heheh, it's all good
    03:27 [karmine] but i guess net conversion isnt totally accurate
    03:28 [yubimusubi] it would be too difficult to turn the entire country onto a different currency
    03:28 [karmine] they prolly have their own "cents" and in reality only go to tenths of the "yen"
    03:28 [karmine] know what i mean?
    03:28 [karmine] guess im just ignorant
    03:28 [yubimusubi] they dont
    03:28 [yubimusubi] the lowest unit of currency (at least in circulation) that I know of is the 1 yen coin
    03:29 [karmine] thats cool
    03:29 [yubimusubi] coins are a lot more common over here than in the states...
    03:29 [karmine] whats the largest coin
    03:30 [karmine] what are these coins made of too? nickel and copper etc like here?
    03:30 [yubimusubi] 500 en
    03:30 [jasonfm] welp, im done for will be sent back to your cell where the guards will administer spankings, whips and chains
    03:30 [jasonfm] have a good evening :)
    03:30 [karmine] wouldnt it be really easy to counterfeit over there if they just use metal?
    03:30 [karmine] gn jason
    03:31 [yubimusubi] ya, later jasonfm
    03:31 [yubimusubi] Well, I've never seen any counterfitting...
    03:32 [yubimusubi] remember you need an accurate press
    03:36 [karmine] wouldnt be hard
    03:37 [yubimusubi] also I think the japanese tend to be more honest :P
    03:38 [yubimusubi] it would probably be easy to get caught also...
    03:38 [yubimusubi] we all know our neighbors here
    03:39 [karmine] even in a city of 650 million people
    03:39 [karmine] or w/e
    03:39 [yubimusubi] yes, definitely.
    03:39 [yubimusubi] People inquire about their neighbors all the time, and in cities most people live one on top of another (apts and such)
    03:41 [karmine] just wait for a tsunami or a typhoon
    03:41 [karmine] thats why i wont live in japan
    03:41 [karmine] those huge apt buildings
    03:41 [yubimusubi] heh
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    11:46 [dylan] I always miss these episodes.
    11:48 [chotchki] hmmm?
    11:58 [dylan] the karmine logs
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