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> June 10th, 2006 ---
I’ve always wondered what people would ask if they asked me about this site. Since no one really asks me any questions, I decided I’d answer some questions that might be asked if they did.

  • Q: Who is this “possum,” and why does he “.kick-ass?”
  • A: The Possum (with a capital ‘P’) is some 18 year old loser/nerd who still mooches off of his parents in Seminole, FL. Recent accomplishments of his are graduating from Osceola High School and learning how to tie his shoes.
  • Q: Lawlz! This possum — er sorry, Possum — guy sounds cool! What are his hobbies?
  • A: Why are you asking that? Are you trying to get a date with me — Hey, get your hand out of there! Err… The Possum has a keen interest in technology and, though not the omg-l33t-h4xx0rz some people (including himself — what a loser!) make him out to be, he’s managed to successfully install and network 2 Linux boxen, an OpenBSD box, and a Windows box. Though it is not clear how much of this he did by himself and how much was done by randomly spamming and trolling various IRC channels, the fact that he administers four systems running three different Operating Systems makes him that much more technologically inclined over that of mere mortals. He also enjoys video games (a proud owner of the obscure PSP), reading, writing, “pimpin” out his 1974 Ford Ranchero, traveling, and snowboarding (when he gets a chance).
  • Q: K3wlz! Are his services for sale?!
  • A: Hey baby, I don’t swing that way! Seriously if you want tech support (Linux preferably), drop The Possum an e-mail (see below).
  • Q: What is the purpose of
  • A: Purpose? Idunno, you tell me. The Possum doesn’t seem to have a purpose, come to think of it.
  • Q: Okay, so what’s under the hood of this baby?
  • A: You mean the car or the server? The Ranchero that The Possum drives has a 429 Big Block in it, and (although not properly tuned), its 0-60 is under 5 seconds. If it were properly tuned, The Possum claims, it can get 0-60 in under 3 seconds. The Possum is said to have been spotted driving at over 110MPH on roads with 40MPH speed limits, though no hard evidence is available.
  • Q: Erm…that’s all great and all, but…I was talking about the server.
  • A: CHEATER!! I don’t see a question mark in that “Q:” so it can’t be called a question! What’s your problem? Anyway, the server that hosts this website contains a 700 MHz AMD Duron processor, 192 MB RAM, 2 Western Digital hard drives totalling 48 GB space (after format), and a 8 MB graphics card (unused, but the BIOS refuses to boot without a graphics card). The system, known internally as canti.flcl, was my first system and was killed due to a motherboard/processor failure involving our dog. It was rebuilt on Zombie Jesus Day (Easter), 2006, earning the machine the affectionate nicknames “Zombie Computer” and “Frankenstein.” On the software side, the box proudly runs OpenBSD as its Operating System and Apache for the web-server.
  • Q: You name your computers? What kind crap is that — er…. what are the names of your other computers?
  • A: Ha…you’re funny. The other boxen that The Possum administers are named naota (his dad’s Gateway; now the family computer), mamimi (his dad’s new work computer, built from scratch by The Possum), and haruko (The Possum’s personal laptop, a hand-me-down after it was caught in a fire); they all reside on the .flcl subnet. The Possum has plans to build a gaming computer, which he will call atomsk (or the Japanese atomisku, pronounced the same way).
  • Q: Ha, this post has 0 comments! That means your a loser and suck at life, right?
  • A: Close, but no cigar. You are the loser for not commenting. Have something to say about a specific post? Leave a comment. It’s open to anyone (and posted comments are open to ridicule by anyone).
  • Q: Alright, all these questions are boring, so I’m done for now. If I have another question, how can I contact you?
  • A: The Possum will happily accept all comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, death threats, etc. If the comment/question relates to a specific post, please leave a comment on the respective page. If it’s a general question, try to catch me on AIM, IRC (, or Yahoo — my handle on all of them is yubimusubi. If I appear to be afk for too long, drop me an e-mail.
  • Site-specific: postmaster (at)
  • Personal: possum (at)
  • *Note to the technologically challenged: Change the “(at)” to “@” to effectively e-mail me.