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The Karmine Chronicles

> May 21st, 2006 ---

This is (almost) a carbon reproduction of logs from IRC.

Note that some elements (not text) have been changed to fit formatting requirements for html.

Last updated Fri Jun 9 19:46:45 EDT 2006

First some background:

  • Characters
  • YeTr2 is a longtime member of the #slug.fl IRC channel on

    roblimo is also a longtime contributer, as well as an author who frequents Slashdot

    copland (also copland-ij is another member of slug who I see on the channel

    dylan is the channel moderator/founder and makes brief appearances in these logs.

    karmine randomly logged on one day and opened his mouth

    yubimusubi aka possum, is me.

  • Plot
  • Well… there really was no plot. This is all unrehearsed good fun.

    Detailed statistics of individual users are available at

  • And this, my friends, is The IRC Logs Formally Known as
      The Karmine Chronicles
  • The Full Log - Nine Pages (Reccomended)
  • The Full Log - One Page (Heavy bandwidth, not as pretty)
  • The Index (For picking a specific episode)
  • Some interesting links regarding karmine:

  • His (banned) antionline profile
  • His (long unused) profile
  • AIM: drvonspawn
  • Yahoo: jewbagelz
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